NAACP Membership General Information & FAQs

Why become a member of the NAACP?

Join the oldest and boldest civil rights organization in the nation. By becoming a member, you will join and answer the call for equality and civil rights by fighting to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality for people of color in the Greater Providence area. Joining our local branch also unlocks access to our network of more than 500,000 freedom fighters nationwide. We are stronger together!

Types of Membership


Regular Adult – $30*

(Ages 21 & Older)

Youth Membership – $10

(Ages 17 & Under)


Junior Life – $100**

(Payable in annual installments of $25 or more)
(Ages 13 & under)

Bronze Life – $400**

(Payable in annual installments of $50 or more)
(Ages 14-20)

Silver Life – $750**

(Payable in annual installments of $75 or more)

Gold Life – $1,500**

(Payable in installments of $150 or more)
Only available to Silver or Regular Life Member


Annual Corporate – $5,000*

*Includes a 1-year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine
**Fully-paid Life Memberships include a 10-year subscription to The CRISIS Magazine

NAACP Membership FAQs

What are the different types of NAACP membership?

There are annual and lifetime memberships offered for adults (ages 21 and older) and youth. Youth memberships start at $10 and up. Adult memberships start at $30 and up. 

How can I complete a payment for a membership?

Membership payments can be completed online or by sending a check or money order made payable and completed membership form to:

NAACP Providence Branch 

P.O. Box 5767

Providence, RI 02903

Does the NAACP offer payment plans for memberships?

Lifetime memberships are payable in annual installments. Unfortunately this is not currently offered for annual memberships. For more information, visit 

When does my NAACP membership become active? 

NAACP memberships become active upon receipt to the Branch. There is often a misconception that it is only active when the card is received.

What is my membership number? 

Your membership number can be found on your membership card. If you are unable to find your membership number, please contact us by email at or by phone at (401) 521- 6222

What is the status of my NAACP membership card?

The national office handles questions regarding membership cards. For more information on your membership card, contact the National NAACP Membership office by Phone: (866) 636-2227 or by email at

How do I know when my NAACP membership will expire? 

Membership expiration dates are noted on your membership card. Annual memberships must be renewed by you each year. Life memberships that are paid in full do not expire and will remain active. If you do not have your membership card and would like to confirm your membership expiration date, please contact the branch.

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