(401) 521-6222

Executive Committe

James Vincent


Elmer C. Pina

1st Vice President

Saikon Gbehan Isijola, Esq.

2nd Vice President

Paul Malaba

Branch Treasurer

Alice Martin

Membership Chair

Felicia Nimue Ackerman

Executive Board Member

Nicole Tingle

Branch Secretary

Aniece Germain

Assistant Secretary

Don Rhodes

Executive Committee Member At Large

Marylouise Joseph

Legal Redress Chair

Contact Us

We look forward to, and encourage, your various contacts with us. We may be contacted using any of the following methods. As we are a volunteer organization, our office hours vary.

Our phone number is (401) 521-6222. (Rest assured, we will return your calls.)

Our facsimile number is (401) 351-6222